Welcome to St Peter’s Church.

We are a Roman Catholic church made up of the old church designed by Pugin, the new church and three church halls called the Pugin Rooms. I am the Parish Priest, Fr Michael, and I thank you for visiting our website.


Fr Michael to retire next year

“I reach 75 on March 5th next year and, as is required by church law, I have asked the Bishop if I might stand down as Parish Priest of Marlow after Easter 2021. Mindful that my health has been a struggle of late, the Bishop has kindly accepted my resignation, to take effect mid April 2021. Please surround me with your prayers at this time, that my Parkinson’s may continue to be kept at bay for a while if it be His will. You will certainly continue to be kept in my prayers. I quoted St Augustine of Hippo at one of the Masses last Sunday. He was speaking of the parish clergy

“ We live here with you,

We live here because of you,

And it is our firm intention

To live with you

For ever in Heaven.”




SUNDAY 15th November        8:30am – 11:30am Church open for

Thirty-third Sunday                                                 Private Prayer


SUNDAY 22nd November       8:30am – 11:30am Church open for

Christ the King                                                        Private Prayer


Mass will be said for the Holy Souls, SVP deceased members, and Flight Lt James Bannon and crew missing in action during the week.

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK: Cecilia Grant, Eileen Ruane, Richard Galiano, and Jenny Pemberton.

FAITHFUL DEPARTED Please pray for the repose of the souls of SYLVIA COLLINGWOOD and ALEXANDER MARKS. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


ANNIVERSARIES: Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Francis D’Abreu, Ronald Paul, Bill Arb, Christine Kyle, Nora Powell, Barbara (Bobi) Page-Jones, Michael Lane Faerber, Michael Clarke, and Norma Capper. May they rest in peace.

HOLY SOULS MASS INTENTIONS Place the list of the Faithful Departed you wish to be remembered in our November Holy Souls Masses in an envelope and put it in in the First Collection basket in the porch of the new church or through the Presbytery door. Masses will be offered for them not publicly but privately

during the month of November.

MASS ON YOUR PHONE – Dial 01642130120 for mass on your phone, whenever you want it! Dial the number and put it on speakerphone and enjoy the organ, singing, and responses from the congregation.

MISSION RED BOX – at the moment it is not possible for your Red Box to be collected at church for counting as normal.  Missio has set up various other ways to send your Red Box money so that those missionaries and communities who need our help can be reached as soon as possible.  Please count the money in your Red Box and send a cheque to Red Box, 23 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1NU or go to missio.org.uk/redbox for details of other ways to pay.  Pick up your Mission Today magazine and other information on the way out of church after Mass.  Further enquiries? Contact Marjorie at 01628 476565/marjorie.bonsall@gmail.com


WEBINARS MONDAY Programme We continue with different webinars on Monday evenings. Post-Lockdown Church webinars:

Saturday morning workshops:

21st November: 10-11am “Covid-safe ministry to the sick”.  Exploring safe ways to minister to the sick including the new diocesan guidelines on taking communion to people’s homes. http://formationpathways.co.uk/event/training-for-ministry-to-the-sick/

CHRISTMAS WINDOW DISPLAYS St Peter’s School is running something new this Christmas by creating a trail of Christmas window displays. It will make a big impact on Marlow this festive season and spread happiness and joy during this challenging time. So far we have 12 houses and our church taking place. In order to make a mapped trail worthwhile, we need at least 20 houses in Marlow. Please consider asking friends and family to join us in this project and either send them the link to the survey or send an email to the School – with their name, road name, and contact details. We are still encouraging those who do not live in Marlow to decorate a window and share to the school facebook/instagram page. As well as this being a project that intends to uplift the community, it also is an opportunity to advertise our lovely school, so please support this project. If you have any questions please email Mrs Boyle at office@stpetersrc.bucks.sch.uk. The deadline for committing to the project was Friday 13th November but if you can do it please get in touch ASAP. Survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/78XHV3W

COMMUNITY OUTREACH Community outreach in progress, stay tuned!



We are looking for a window cleaner for the church, if you know of someone please call Madeline on 07896718094.