Welcome to St Peter’s Church.

We are a Roman Catholic church made up of the old church designed by Pugin, the new church and three church halls called the Pugin Rooms. I am the Parish Priest, Fr Michael, and I thank you for visiting our website.


Fr Michael to retire next year

“I reach 75 on March 5th next year and, as is required by church law, I have asked the Bishop if I might stand down as Parish Priest of Marlow after Easter 2021. Mindful that my health has been a struggle of late, the Bishop has kindly accepted my resignation, to take effect mid April 2021. Please surround me with your prayers at this time, that my Parkinson’s may continue to be kept at bay for a while if it be His will. You will certainly continue to be kept in my prayers.




We are happy to be back celebrating mass from next Sunday!

Praise the Lord!


SUNDAY 29th November        8:30am – 11:30am Church open for

First Sunday of Advent                                        Private Prayer


SUNDAY 6th December          9:00am Nick Burden RIP

Second Sunday of Advent  11:00am Parish


Mass will be said for the Holy Souls, the Parish, Dec’d of the Smith family, Nick Burden RIP, and Diana Campbell (Anniv) during the week.

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK: Eileen Ruane, Richard Galiano, and Jenny Pemberton.

FAITHFUL DEPARTED Please pray for the repose of the soul of Cecelia Grant who died last week. For many years, she was a member of our choir. May she rest in peace. Amen.


ANNIVERSARIES: Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Kathleen O’Callaghan, Adea Arb, Doris Barnett, Len Dunkley, Anne Burden, John Slattery, and Joyce Tomaszewski. May they rest in peace.


COMMUNITY OUTREACH St Peters community Christmas spirit would like to thank our important VIP veterans within our community with a special gift this Christmas to show how much we value their support. If anyone has a friend or relative that fits this description, we would love to know their names so we can give them a gift.

St Peters church and school are collecting donations of simple toiletries. Donations can be made via the church or school, where by the children will then gift box them. This Christmas we would also like to gift our families with young children, who have been affected by COVID in any way, Sainsbury’s gift vouchers. These can then be exchanged for food or gifts for their young family. If you would like to donate, please do so by gifting money via the collection basket at private prayer, or drop it into St Peter’s School reception in an envelope clearly marked ‘C/O St Peters family Christmas vouchers’. With your help we can make this Christmas a little more special.

CHRISTMAS We plan to welcome as many people as possible to our Christmas masses this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The proposed schedules are as follows:

Christmas Eve – Thursday December 24th 2020


4PM Children and Christmas Family Mass

6PM Christmas Mass

10PM Christmas Mass

Christmas Day – Friday December 25th 2020

9AM Christmas Mass

11AM Christmas Mass

This year has had many challenges and we want to make sure that we adapt to ensure our community can give thanks at this special time of year. To meet the demand of increased attendance over the holidays, we are launching an Eventbrite application for conditional spaces. On December 6th this link will be live until the 14th of December. Full details of this process and the link will be on the church website. (https://www.st-peters-marlow.org.uk). For those who do not have internet access, please phone 07775795017 for information on how to apply for a socially distanced space. This is subject to current government regulations. Some will be disappointed as seating is limited. We look forward to hearing from you after the 6th of December.




MASS ON YOUR PHONE – Dial 01642130120 for mass on your phone, whenever you want it! Dial the number and put it on speakerphone and enjoy the organ, singing, and responses from the congregation.

MAKING A DONATION The following  address/hyperlink can be used if you wish to make a donation to the parish via our account at the Diocese:   https://northamptondiocese.org/donate/ . Or over the phone: All you need to do is phone 01604 712065 and make a donation to the parish. You will need a credit or debit card to hand and you will be able to make a one-off donation to cover missed Sunday offerings or simply call each week to make an offering. ‘Giving Tuesday’ service will be available between 10am and 4pm each Tuesday.

FACE COVERINGS Everyone attending a place of worship is required to wear a face covering. We will have a supply of masks at the porch for those who forget and want one. Please note that someone not wearing a mask is very likely to be exempt, those with certain seen or unseen disabilities or health conditions, or if putting on wearing or removing a face covering causes distress, or children. Let’s be kind to our fellow parishioners regarding masks!

CONTACT DETAILS We are requested by the Diocese to offer to take your details upon entry and it is optional for you to give them. If you ticked the box to save your details, please let the stewards know your name. Or if not, the stewards will add you to the list for Contact tracing. This is so that if anyone falls ill with Coronavirus and comes to mass, others will be notified to self-isolate. Your details are safe, please ask a steward if you would like to remove yourself from the list.

FIRE AWARENESS The fire escape doors are indicated by green lights and are the doors to the porch, the doors to the old church, and the door to the right of the confessionals. The Fire Assembly Point is the east facing wall to the south of the new hall and is indicated by a large A on a red background.


NEWSLETTER ENTRIES If have any entries, please send them on to Madeline at office@st-peters-marlow.org.uk by Thursday at 11am to be included in that Sunday’s newsletter.