Welcome to St Peter’s Church.

We are a Roman Catholic church made up of the old church designed by Pugin, the new church and three church halls called the Pugin Rooms. I am the Parish Priest, Fr Michael, and I thank you for visiting our website.

Please note our new email address is: parish.stpetermarlow@northamptondiocese.org

MASS TIMES (in bold) AND INTENTIONS (in italics)





SUNDAY 9th May                      9:00am Mass Sylvia White RIP

Sixth Sunday of Easter               11:00am Mass with Music James Campbell RIP

                                                         5:30pm Mass


THURSDAY 13th May                7:30pm Mass James Campbell RIP

Feast of the Ascension


SUNDAY 16th May                    9:00am Mass Bernice Feicht RIP

Seventh Sunday of Easter           11:00am Mass with Music James Campbell RIP

                                                           5:30pm Mass

MASS INTENTIONS  A mass will be said privately for Rachel Secker and the parish during the week. Masses can be said for an intention or person at Sunday Mass or privately by Fr Michael in the week.  To make an intention, please see Fr Michael after a Sunday Mass or post your intention and offering through the Presbytery door. If you would like it printed in the newsletter, you need to submit the name to the parish email address or by post by Thursday noon.

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK: the sick of the Mongan family, Eileen Ruane, Richard Galiano, and Jenny Pemberton.

ANNIVERSARIES: Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Charles Fanning, Mary Keating, George Daniels, Michael Turton, James Ryan, Margaret Eastwood, James Campbell, John Lacey, Pat Corbett, Amanda Taylor, and Peter Michael Bradley. May they rest in peace.

PRAYER TREE Please feel free to tie a ribbon on the tree and use the space socially and prayerfully. We are looking for seat cushions to put inside the yellow waterproof cases. If you have any seat cushions to donate please contact Madeline on 07896718094.

NEWSLETTER WRITING ROLE/PARISH SECRETARY ROLE AVAILABLE We are looking for new volunteers for the volunteer parish secretary duties to write and print the newsletter from August 15th or sooner when Madeline will be retiring from the role. Full training given if application submitted before July 15th. It is possible to do a volunteer sharing set up on a rota if we get enough interest. If you know someone who would be interested, or would like to help our church in this way yourself, please contact Madeline at parish.stpetermarlow@northamptondiocese.org.

DATES SET FOR NEW PARISH PRIEST Canon John Udris will take over from Fr Michael when he retires as parish priest of St.Peter’s Church Marlow. Fr Michael’s last Mass as Parish Priest will be 8th August. Canon John’s first Mass as Parish Priest will be 15th August- the Assumption of Mary. Please keep Fr Michael and Canon John in your prayers.

THINKING OF MOVING HOUSE? Fr Michael will be retiring this summer as per the above dates. The Ndoci Family are looking for a property to buy, and are looking for a property in Marlow to accommodate their family – 3 children as well as ground floor living space for Fr Michael. Luckily the Ndoci family have a property development business and can renovate and extend any property – like a 2 bed bungalow in need of modernisation, into a larger home. Detached house preferred with large garden and Fr Michael would prefer to live close to the church. Also interested in a new build if considering selling a portion of a plot to build a new home or a commercial property that can be converted into residential. If you know someone who might be interested in selling their house or land in Marlow, please let Fr Michael or Madeline know. Madeline’s number is 07896718094. Please keep them in your prayers that they can find a suitable property before the summer.

PASTORAL AREA NEWS Bishop David has decided to amalgamate the two pastoral areas of South Bucks and Chilterns into one larger area. The new PA is made up of ten parishes and the Dean is Mgr Sean Healy, Parish Priest of St Teresa’s Beaconsfield. The combined PA Councils are to meet shortly to see how we can further the mission of the Church in this part of the Diocese.

Christian Aid’s Psalmathon – Next Sunday

This year the Marlow Christian Aid Group are planning an online sponsored Psalmathon – reading their way through the entire book of Psalms, on Zoom. We are inviting any church or individual to join in with us. We need LOTS of readers!! All you have to do is read – and preferably find a few friends who will help Christian Aid by sponsoring you in your effort.

The Great Christian Aid Psalmathon takes place on Sunday May 16th from 12 noon to approximately 7 pm. When you register you choose a one-hour slot in which you will be allocated your reading. To register, go to The Great Christian Aid Psalmathon. There is a £5 sign-up fee which goes to Christian Aid. Once you have registered, all further details will be sent to you, including how to set up your own JustGiving page linked to Marlow’s team page. Any sponsorship that you raise through your page will count towards the Marlow team total.


STEWARDING TEAM Next meeting: Saturday June 12th at 9:30am in person

PARISH COUNCIL The next meeting of Councillors will be 24th June at 7:30pm.


MAKING A DONATION The following address can be used if you wish to make a donation to the parish via our account at the Diocese:   https://northamptondiocese.org/donate/ . Or over the phone: All you need to do is phone 01604 712065 and make a donation to the parish. You will need a credit or debit card to hand and you will be able to make a one-off donation to cover missed Sunday offerings or simply call each week to make an offering. ‘Giving Tuesday’ service will be available between 10am and 4pm each Tuesday.

CONTACT DETAILS We are requested by the Diocese to offer to take your details upon entry and it is optional for you to give them. If you ticked the box to save your details, please let the stewards know your name. Or if not, the stewards will add you to the list for Contact tracing. Your details are safe, please ask a steward if you would like to remove yourself from the list.

FIRE AWARENESS The fire escape doors are indicated by green lights and are the doors to the porch, the doors to the old church, and the door to the right of the confessionals. The Fire Assembly Point is the east facing wall to the south of the new hall and is indicated by a large A on a red background.

FACE COVERINGS We have a supply of masks at the porch for those who forget and want one. Please note that someone not wearing a mask is very likely to be exempt, those with certain seen or unseen disabilities or health conditions, or if putting on wearing or removing a face covering causes distress, or children.