Welcome to St Peter’s Church.

For bookings please email tonydsouza@msn.com

Room sizes (approximate):

Feet Metres
Old Hall 16 x 30 5 x 9
Coffee Room 14 x 34 4.2 x 10.3
New Hall 23 x 46 6.9 x 14.1

There are  73 upholstered chairs and 31 stacking (plastic) chairs and 26 folding tables. Each table seats six.

There are toilets available as well.

Additional Information

Sound system:

The main hall is wired for the provision of a microphone and loudspeakers but St Peter’s does not provide microphones, amplifiers or speakers.


Private parties, at which alcohol is not sold, may bring and consume alcohol as they would in a private home. Where alcohol is to be sold, it is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain the necessary licence, either in conjunction with a public house or from the licensing authority.

Hiring times:

The normal hiring periods are 9am to 1pm; 2pm to 6pm and 7pm to 11pm or any combination thereof. The Pugin Rooms have to be vacated by 11pm.


For a clearer view of full timings of bookings on a given day, click on the ‘Agenda’ tab on the Diary below.

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